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Grao en Enxeñaría Mecánica
Methodologies Description
Laboratory practice Understanding reading of the practice. Realise the experimental work. Pose and resolve the numerical calculations associated as well as the questions that pose. Examine and value the results. Draft and present the final report of the practices.
Mixed objective/subjective test Tests written divide in two parts (theoretical and of problems) used for the evaluation of the learning of the student.
Guest lecture / keynote speech Has a expositive function complemented with the use of audiovisual means and the introduction of some questions headed to the students, with the purpose of transmit knowledges and facilitate the learning. The student takes aim, poses doubts and questions. It can include a conference given by specialists or a technical visit to a particular chemical industry.
Problem solving Methodology carried out in average group (20 students): presentation and resolution of numerical problems bulletins and of theory exercises bulletins. The student, of individual form or in reduced group, poses doubts and /or questions, participating of active form in the classroom.

Supervised projects It involves the realization, in small groups of 5 students, of directed studies that each group must expose in the classroom and deliver to the teacher for correction.

The supervised projects will constitute a summary of the proposed subject by the teacher, with an extension in the order of 5-6 pages in Word format. For their presentation in the classroom, 8 to 10 transparencies in PowerPoint format will be prepared beforehand. The participants in each work must belong to the same average group of the class.

All the groups that present a supervised Project in a determinate sesión, will have to be presents in the classroom from the beginning to the end of the same.
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