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Grao en Enxeñaría Mecánica
Methodologies Competencies Description Qualification
Mixed objective/subjective test A4 B1 B2 B5 To half of 1st four-month period will realize an eliminatory partial examination of the matter given until this moment (theory and problems). At the end of the 1st four-month period will realise a final examination of all the subject (the students that have surpassed said partial will not have to repeat in the final examination).

Problem solving A4 B2 B4 B5 Resolution of numerical problems bulletins, including likewise the resolution of theory exercises bulletins in specific sessions. It values the assistance of the student, his active participation in the classroom, his interest and attitude.

Supervised projects A4 B6 B7 C1 Elaboration and presentation in group of a supervised or directed project. It values, in addition to the presentation, the realised work by the students in Word format and the elaborated transparencies for his exhibition in the classroom in PowerPoint format. 10
Laboratory practice A4 B3 C5 Realization, practices active participation, delivery of the corresponding final report and the practices examination. The interest and attitude of the student and the practices examination is valued.
Assessment comments
This section indicates what marks in each methodology. The objective test describes as it is the examination and the punctuation of each one of the parts of theory and of problems. The minimum note in each part of the exam (theory or problems in the partial or final, or in the second part of the subject) so that you can take into account the scores of laboratory practices, problem solving and supervised work has to be 3.0 over 7.0. To obtain approved in the matter has to fulfil that the sum of the notes of the objective test, laboratory practice, problem solving of and supervised projects was at least 5,0.

Any of the theoretical subjects neither of the problems proposed in the partial examination will be able to leave in white, having to be recovered in the final examination with independence of the note obtained.

In order to be qualified, the student will perform all laboratory practice and participate in the elaboration and exhibition of the supervised work in this subject. These methodologies are mandatory. The students that do not approve the laboratory practice, will not be able to examine of the subject in the January and/or June announcements. Likewise, the students that have been missing to some practice and that present documentary justification of his fault, will have to do a practice pending examination during the last week of 1st four-month period.

To the student that surpass the subject first part (Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry) in the partial examination or in the announcement of january or, well, that surpass the subject second part(Industrial and Organic Chemistry) in the announcement of january, will save him the approved part note during the corresponding academic course. In case to repeat the subject will have to examine of the two parts again.

The student that have been missing to some practice of laboratory or that have not surpassed the examination of recovery of the practice, in case to repeat the matter has to go back to realize all again.

Will take into account, in the measure of the possible, the circumstances of the repeat students.

The students with enrols to partial time will, or with academic dispense,have the same evaluation criteria that the other students, so much in the first as in the second opportunity of examination. Said students will have to realise the activities or compulsory methodologies (laboratory practice and supervised Project), in this case will remain exempt of 80% of the assistance to the face-to-face classes. Nevertheless, it recommends them that they do also the activity problem solving; in this case would remain exempt of 70% of the assistance to the face-to-face classes.
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