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Methodologies Description
Guest lecture / keynote speech Oral presentation complemented with the use of audio-visual media to develop the syllabus of the subject and make explanations and examples that allow the understanding of the principles of the subject to be able to apply them to practical examples.
Problem solving Resolution of problems corresponding to the different subjects of the syllabus in order to understand the theoretical principles and know their practical application, comparing different methods highlighting the advantages of each.
Supervised projects Individual student work designed to promote autonomous learning under the tutelage of the teacher. The theme is chosen to apply the knowledge developed in the subject but also includes aspects not addressed in the lectures to develop the capacity for research and self-learning.
Mixed objective/subjective test It is a written test consisting of 2 parts (theory and problems) of approximately 1.5 and 2.5 hours, with a maximum total duration of 4 hours.
The theory test will have about 5 questions of diverse amplitude and degree of concretion on the contents of the subject.
The practical type test will consist of the resolution of 1 to 3 problems of varying complexity on the contents of the subject.
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