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   Personalized attention
Mixed objective/subjective test
Guest lecture / keynote speech
Problem solving
Supervised projects
It is recommended that all students attend tutorials to clarify issues related to both theory and problem classes. In the case of problems, it is also recommended that they analyse in detail the problems solved in class and that they try to solve those that are left unresolved, consulting any doubt or difficulty.
Once this is done with the problems of each subject, the problems of the mixed tests of previous courses will be similarly dealt with, consulting any doubt or difficulty.
It is also recommended to consult any doubt about the contents, extension and detail with which the theory questions should be answered.
In the supervised work there is a duty to attend a minimum of interviews with the teacher. These interviews aim to define its content and scope, as well as to check its progress.
Students with academic dispensation may request the realization of tutorials in a different time from the one published on the UDC website.
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