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Methodologies Competencies Description Qualification
Mixed objective/subjective test A13 B1 B2 The mixed test consists of two parts: theory (40%) and problems (60% of the test score).
In the theory part the knowledge of the program of the subject is valued as well as the reasoned exposition of the theoretical developments.
In the part of problems will be assessed both the formulation and the development applied to the specific case to obtain the solution.
The qualification of this test in the first opportunity will be the average of two partial tests: the first one (subjects 1-7) in the middle of the semester and the second (subjects 8-13) at the end of the semester.
Students who do not pass the subject at the first opportunity may perform a final test (topics 1-13) on the second opportunity period.
The dates of these tests will be those that appear in the exam calendar and course planning published by the school.
Supervised projects A13 B1 B2 B3 B6 B7 B8 B9 C1 C5 The work is of an individual nature, so the originality will be rewarded and the copy of results or the method used will be penalized.
Each student must submit their report within the deadline and attend mandatory tutoring. In case of not fulfilling these conditions the work will be scored as 0.
The delivery will be made through Moodle, in digital format without the need to print it.
Assessment comments

Only students who do not attend any of the mixed tests will be rated as NOT PRESENTED.

Academic dispensation is allowed in the terms established in point 5 of article 7 of the "Standard that regulates the regime of dedication to study and the permanence and progression of undergraduate and master's degree students at the University of A Coruña", approved by the Social Council of 04/05/2017 Therefore, students with academic dispensation will be evaluated using the same system as the rest of the students, that is, supervised work 20% + mixed test 80%.

The evaluation criteria of the 2nd opportunity are the same as those of the 1st opportunity.

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