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Grao en enxeñaría en Tecnoloxías Industriais
Methodologies Description
Introductory activities Presentation of the subject, in large group (GG).
Guest lecture / keynote speech Oral presentation complemented the use of media and the introduction of questions aimed at motivating students, in order to impart knowledge and facilitate learning.

Corresponds to the kind of theory, large group (GG).

Problem solving Technique by to be solved a particular problem situation, from the knowledge and procedures that have been studied and worked.

Corresponds to the class of problems, medium (GM) group.

Laboratory practice Methodology that allows students to apply the knowledge acquired through the completion of practical activities.

It is for the workshop exercises, small group (GP).
Mixed objective/subjective test This test consists of the resolution of problems and / or elements, and will be valued among 0 and 10 points.
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