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Methodologies Competencies Description Qualification
Collaborative learning A7 B2 Collaborative work done in a medium group of 20-22 students but delivered individually on paper and in electronic format. They will be distributed throughout the course in 5 or 6 works, the content of which will be programmed with sufficient notice. The calibration of two plates will always be included according to the planned format. With the authorization of the student, once the calibration of both plates has been checked if it meets the requirements, the calibrated plate will be hung with authorship at the url www.foroactua.com 15
ICT practicals B4 1.Calculation of an intake. Design of a diet and assessment of nutritional status.
2. Seminar-Workshop on Anthropometry and Impedanciometry
3. Nutritional labeling workshop with the collaboration of an expert in Nutrition and Food technology
Supervised projects B15 C1 C6 C7 Presentation of supervised works. Personalized diet carried out in a group with public exposure. Presentation in ppt or flash / video and delivery of paper document and electronic format 10
Objective test A8 A9 B1 B2 B13 C6 C9 C10 Final objective test. Test type exam 50-100 questions with 4 or 5 possible answers and one real one. For every 2 failed questions a real one is discounted. Maximum score in the test exam will be 60 points out of 100.
The exam can be done if the conditions allow it through the computer room in moodle format
You must have at least a score of 50% over 100% in the theoretical exam to complete the evaluation of the practical content that will score a maximum of 60 points out of 100. (The activities and work carried out during the course will be valued). The score of the activities will be saved for the next ordinary call of the same academic year, but if this objective test is not passed, the works carried out will no longer be valid for successive evaluations in new calls and the theoretical exam will suppose 100% of the grade. end of the student.
Any student can request an oral evaluation at any time during the teaching period of the subject and before the objective test is carried out. The exhibition will always be public and upon request of the student.
After the first call, in the successive evaluations the teacher reserves the right to develop a short-type theoretical exam to replace the test exam.
Assessment comments

To pass the subject it is necessary:

Achieve half the score in each of the methodologies that compute in the evaluation and that are mandatory.

Second and subsequent enrollment calls: For those students who have completed the subject at least once, they must take into account that they can retake the entire subject again or take only a final theoretical exam, taking into account that the qualification of the exam will suppose 100% of the qualification of the matter.

For students with partial enrollment: they will be able to obtain the grade of the subject with the ordinary modality or modality in which the objective test supposes 90% of the qualification and the other 10% an oral presentation that will take place the same day of the test objective at the end of it. In this modality it will be compulsory to pass both parts to pass the subject. Students with partial enrollment may have an academic waiver for class attendance but will not be exempt from submitting the requested work.

Calls for the advanced assessment opportunity: For those students who have requested the advanced assessment opportunity, meet the requirements and are granted it, they will be able to sit for a final theoretical exam whose grade will represent 100% of the course grade. .

The grade of not presented: it will be awarded to those students who do not take the exam or any of the assessment methodologies.

The conditions for obtaining an honors enrollment are that the student obtain more than 90% of the grade for the course, be the best grade for the class in the evaluated opportunity and her contribution in the master sessions has been significant.

Each student will save the information requested during the course in electronic format and will deliver it at the end of the course in an identified CD format.

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