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Grao en Enxeñaría Eléctrica
Methodologies Competencies Description Qualification
Problem solving B7 B1 Resolution of questions, exercises and ability to explain them in the classroom 20
Laboratory practice A8 B4 B6 B7 C3 Carry out the laboratory practices and reports and ability to work collaboratively 10
Supervised projects B2 B7 C3 Elaboration of supervised projects and presentation in the classroom.
Performing an activity and objective test.
Objective test A8 B1 A first test (theory and problems) will be carried out about half of the semester. The subject taught until then will be evaluated. At the end of course, a partial second test (theory and problems) will be performed for students who have passed the first test. Simultaneously a global test (theory and problems) will be performed for students who have not approved the first test.
Each test consists of two independent parts, being necessary to obtain a minimum score on each part to compensate:
- Theory, maximum score 3 points, minimum score 1.25 points to compensate.
- Problems, maximum score 3 points, 1.25 points minimum to compensate score.
Assessment comments

A minimum of 75% of the laboratory practical classes have to be carried out by each student to be evaluated.

A minimum mark of 2.5 points is requested in the test to take into account the other marks.

For the evaluation of the second opportunity, thesame continuous evaluation activities can be carried out as during the courseexcept for laboratory practices and instead, some questionnaires can be carriedout in Moodle

For students being recognized officially as partial-time and entitled not to attend the lectures, the final exam represent 80% of the final grade and supervised projects 20%.

For 2010 Plan students, who explicitly renounce continous assesment will be evaluated by the grade obtained in the final exam (100%)

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