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Grao en Enxeñaría Eléctrica
  Fundamentos de Electricidade
Methodologies Description
Guest lecture / keynote speech Theoretical oral exhibition-practical of the chapters of the program that realises to transmit knowledges, complemented with the use of multimedia audiovisual/means. The classes expositivas, of session magistral, foresee give of regular form in model no face-to-face synchronous in Teams, in the schedule established by leadership of studies, nevertheless, if the number of enrolled to beginning of course allows it, will give presencialmente like the ones of problems and practical. In case to be no face-to-face will enable forums for each subject in Moodle. In the case of subjects compendio of theoretical definitions will request the reading like personal work of the student and will give a day and time to resolve the doubts. To end to facilitate the learning will pose questions and will recommend readings of which will deduce the answers so that they appear in the student portfolio.
Workbook Personal work of the student on distinct contents of the signatura. During the course requested the reading of subjects compendio of theoretical definitions and formulated questions recommending readings to find his answer.
Objective test The proof of final evaluation written of practical character, on the contents of the matter. It will consist in the solution of ten or five exercises.
Laboratory practice Realisation of diverse settings of electrical circuits in softwares of simulation that illustrate the results obtained in the theoretical classes and of problems. The student will have in the platform Moodle of the leaves of takings of data yes like videos complement to the practices. The student will realise the understanding reading of the practice, took data and will resolve the calculations associated and the questions that pose , in some cases will check the resolution of the circuit by means of the use of simulation tool Orcad Pspice Lite. In the final memory the student will value the result obtained.
Student portfolio It consists in a notebook of the work of character fundamentally practical, that collect so much the exercises realised in class like the personal work realised by the student in the exercises that poses the professor so that they are in the portafolio. The justification of the solution of an exercise will accompany with theoretical annotations that the professor resalte in the class. Also they will include the theoretical questions that indicate , with the answers that the student deduce of the readings recommended by the professor to such effect.
Problem solving Seminars in groups of intermediate size allocated to resolve exercises and problems. Posed with antelación or in the same day. It will deliver with antelación the billed of problems that have to form part of the notebook of work whose solution correspond to develop by part of the student. During the session will resolve the doubts or difficulties that have arisen.
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