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Grao en Enxeñaría Eléctrica
  Fundamentos de Electricidade
   Personalized attention
Objective test
Problem solving
Student portfolio
Laboratory practice
Guest lecture / keynote speech
During the session guest lecture / keynote speech will attend the doubts in the development of the class or if it was necessary it will invite to the student to tutorial, being no face-to-face by reason of the number of enrolled will enable thematic forum of discussion.
The doubts that arise in the readings recommended will be able to resolve in the tutorial or thematic forums.
During the objective proof, the professor will attend to the student that call it in the place of examination of the student.
In the practices, the personalised attention will realise in the development of the sessions, well to initiative of the student to clear and answer his doubts, or to initiative of the professor with the end to improve the interest and attitude of the student.
The notebook, student portfolios, will ask it the professor during the classes, to go seeing the advance in the same and will indicate to the student the sections that has to improve to guide it and encourage it. In each delivery will have to be like minimum the exercises of the previous day. At least they will do two deliveries. The student will be able to consult in tutorial the doubts that pose him in front of the indications of the professor.
They will attend the doubts in the development of the class in average group for the solution of problems, if it was necessary it will invite to the student to tutorial.
In the schedule established by the professor for the tutorial, the student that attend to individual title will be able to pose the doubts that arise him in the study of the matter, or in the development of the solution of an exercise. The student that attend to the tutoría, will have to present the text consulted object of doubt or the development realised in the research of the solution of the exercise that “no goes out”. Also the professor will be able to summon personally to the students if like this it estimated it.
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