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Methodologies Competencies Description Qualification
Objective test A15 B1 B4 B5 C5 C8 60% delivers in:

20% that corresponds to an objective proof of three items to realise in class of length 30 minutes, after the first delivery of the student portfolio.

The remaining 40% corresponds:
To the final examination (already was the one of the official announcement of first opportunity in January or the official announcement of second opportunity of Julio) will be of ten or five Items: questions in shape of short problems of several concepts. For some Items will propose several answers, where only one is possible. The student will have to justify the answer chosen and because descarta the remaining. A ítem only can cost a point or zero. The ítem very justified explains a point. The evil justified or without justifying do not explain.
The length of the examination will be of 2h (10 Items) or 1h (5 Items), expandable for the student that have adaptation to the diversity that estimate additional time established by the service ADI of the UDC.
The punctuation obtained will contribute to the final qualification in 40%, as long as they surpass the three points on 10 in her, that is to say, reach the addend with percentage already applied of 1,2 points (30% of his weight of 4 points as adding).
In case of not surpassing in the final examination the three points on ten, the final qualification will be “Suspenso” with the punctuation reached in this proof independently of the reached in the others two methodologies.
In case of not to present to objective proof of official announcement, final examination, the final qualification will be of “No presented”.
Student portfolio A15 B1 B4 B5 C5 C6 C7 C8 Each exercise will have to be clearly separated of the following, have his billed with his data, diagrams and questions. In the development of the solution, the magnitudes employed, have to indicate of clear form in the electrical circuit and will take into account all the theoretical annotations of interest that the student collect of the indicated in class. It will value the reading by means of the answers to the theoretical questions. The fault of some exercise, his development or the no delivery will do that the notebook do not mark in the final delivery. The professor anytime will be able to ask the delivery of the notebook. The punctuation will be, an addend in the final note, with % of the already applied weight, of Bad (M) or No realised (NR) (0), Regulate (R) (1 point) or Well (B) (1,5 points) or Very Very (MB) (2 points), contributing thus as already it has said to the qualification in 20%. 20
Laboratory practice A15 B1 B5 C5 C6 C8 The practical sessions in laboratory are of forced assistance, indispensable to be able to approve the asignatura. It took note of the assistance. The teaching of laboratory is a complement to the theoretical classes, in them will propose exercises of application of the theory. It will value the understanding of the work of laboratory and the active participation by means of questions to the student in the transcurso of the practices. It will deliver a final memory of the practices realised.His weight of 20% delivers by the same between the six practices and it is necessary to reach in each one minimum 50% of his weight.
The punctuation of each practice, already applied his % of weight (addends in final note), will be of Bad (M) or No realised (NR) (assigning 0 points), Surpassed (S) ( 0,167 points) or Well (B) (0,25) or Very Very (MB) (0,333). Punctuation only applicable in the academic course in that they realise said practical (ordinary announcements-January and extraordinary-Julio).
The practices surpassed in the previous course only are valid "convalidables"= CV) during the present course keeping his punctuation transforming it of 15% weight that had to 20% current weight.
Assessment comments

The final qualification will give with a decimal and will be:

· If in the objective proof final three or more points on 10, as long as they are surpassed the practices:

Punctuation of the student portfolio*0,20 punctuation of the practices surpassed (R, B or MB)*0,20 punctuation tests objective*0,40(if more than three points on 10) punctuation of the partial objective proof*0,20 if the assistance was to regulate (upper to 80%) along the course.

To surpass the asignatura in the official announcements is necessary to have a final qualification of 5 on ten or upper,in the sum of all these addends.

· If in the objective proof final less than three points:

Punctuation of the objective proof final.

· If it does not present to the objective proof final:

No presented

· If they do not surpass the practices:

Punctuation in the practices if they realised, surpass or no the objective prooffinal, and if they did not realise punctuation of the objective proof final with already applied his percentage of weight.

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