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  Power Stations
Topic Sub-topic
The contents described in the verification memory are developed below according to the distribution shown Electric generation systems. (Topic 1)

Classic power stations: Components. Alternators Command, regulation, control and auxiliary services. Transformation parks. (Topics 3, 4, 5 and 7)

Other electric generation facilities. (Topics 6 and 8)

Introduction to the generation operation and the electricity markets. (Topic 2)
Topic 1: Electric energy and sustainable development - Environmental impact and more efficient technologies electricity production 1.1. Introduction to sustainable development

1.2. CO2 emission costs

1.3. Combustion processes

1.4. Environmental impact of different technologies

1.5. Techniques improved efficiency

1.6. New technologies of coal use

1.7. Technology coal gasification

1.8. CO2 capture and storage
Topic 2: Energy resources and electricity production - Coverage of the electricity demand 2.1. Reservations and energy resources

2.2. Classification and types of power plants

2.3. Study of different types of primary energy sources

2.4. Study of the electricity demand

2.5. Power System configuration

2.6. Configuration and operation of the Spanish electricity market

2.7. Rates, prices and costs of electricity

2.8. Generation scheduling

2.9. Parameters related to production
Topic 3: Coal power plants 3.1. Water-steam circuit. Steam turbines

3.2. Air-gas circuit

3.3. Fuel-ash circuit

3.4. Cooling water circuit

3.5. Regulation of the power station
Topic 4: Nuclear power plants 4.1. Nuclear fission

4.2. Elements of a nuclear reactor

4.3. Nuclear reactor control

4.4. Types of nuclear reactors
Topic 5: Wiring diagrams. Auxiliary services 5.1. Study of different electrical diagrams

5.2. Auxiliary services of the power stations. Energy consumption

5.3. Reserve supply
Topic 6: Gas power plants. Combined cycle. cogeneration 6.1. Brayton thermodynamic cycle

6.2. Gas turbines. Components

6.3. Otto-Diesel thermodynamic cycle

6.4. Internal combustion engines

6.5. Combined cycle. Heat Recovery Steam Generator

6.6. Regulation and control of a combined cycle

6.7. Cogeneration
Topic 7: Conventional and pumping hydroelectric plants 7.1. Description of the components of a hydroelectric plant

7.2. Hydraulic turbines. Control and regulation

7.3. Reversible hydroelectric power plants. Types
Topic 8: Introduction to power plants with renewable sources Wind, thermal, photovoltaic, biomass, marine, geothermal and mini hydro power stations
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