Methodologies Description
Mixed objective/subjective test At the end of the programme, an exam consisting of short answer and/or test-type questionnaire will be conducted.
Guest lecture / keynote speech The professors will introduce the programme contents with the aid of multimedia stuff. They will answer the questions raised by the students.
ICT practicals Practical with computers about searching for toxicological information in internet.
Supervised projects Supervised projects in groups of students about an issue proposed by the professor. Personalized attention will be given in order to provide orientation on the contents to be included in each project. The files corresponding to each project and its presentation will be delivered through Moodle before the deadline fixed. Later on, all projects will be available in Moodle.
Seminar Bibliographic seminars: students will present their projects. Then a debate on the topic of their presentation will be conducted.
Laboratory practice Laboratory practices to be carried out in Hospital Oncolóxico laboratories. Students will learn several methodologies for genetic damage assessment.