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Identifying Data 2020/21
Subject (*) Iniciación en deportes III (Fútbol) (optativa) Code 620G01316
Study programme
Grao en Ciencias da Actividade Física e do Deporte
Descriptors Cycle Period Year Type Credits
Graduate 2nd four-month period
Third Optional 6
Teaching method Hybrid
Department Educación Física e Deportiva
Vales Vazquez, Ángel
Vales Vazquez, Ángel
General description Os eixos fundamentáis que caracterizan esta materia se concretan no desenrolo de: - Bases técnico-tácticas, táctico-estratéxicas e didácticas do fútbol. - Proceso de enseñanza-aprendizaxe do xogo no ámbito da educación física y e iniciación deportiva. - Introducción ao adestramento dol fútbol na etapa inicial deportiva. - Selección de talentos para o fútbol.
Contingency plan 1. Modifications to the contents 2. Methodologies *Teaching methodologies that are maintained *Teaching methodologies that are modified 3. Mechanisms for personalized attention to students 4. Modifications in the evaluation *Evaluation observations: 5. Modifications to the bibliography or webgraphy
(*)The teaching guide is the document in which the URV publishes the information about all its courses. It is a public document and cannot be modified. Only in exceptional cases can it be revised by the competent agent or duly revised so that it is in line with current legislation.