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Identifying Data 2019/20
Subject (*) Ergonomics, Accessibility, Universal Design and Functional Adaptation Code 653G01206
Study programme
Grao en Terapia Ocupacional
Descriptors Cycle Period Year Type Credits
Graduate 1st four-month period
Second Obligatory 5
Teaching method Face-to-face
Department Ciencias Biomédicas, Medicina e Fisioterapia
Ciencias da Saúde
Fisioterapia, Medicina e Ciencias Biomédicas
Pousada Garcia, Thais
Garcia Crespo, Maria Vanessa
Pousada Garcia, Thais
Santos del Riego, Sergio Eduardo
General description This subject pursues the acquisition and the development of competitions that allow to the students comprise and apply the knowledges related with the ergonomics, accessibility, universal design and functional adaptation with a rehabilitation and occupational perspective. Descriptors: Foundations of the personal autonomy in the activities of the daily life with and without adaptations and/or products of support. Occupational therapy for the integration of the individual in his surroundings. Application of the occupational activity and ergonomic study.
Contingency plan
(*)The teaching guide is the document in which the URV publishes the information about all its courses. It is a public document and cannot be modified. Only in exceptional cases can it be revised by the competent agent or duly revised so that it is in line with current legislation.