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Grao en Enxeñaría Informática
  Programming II
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Identifying Data 2019/20
Subject (*) Programming II Code 614G01006
Study programme
Grao en Enxeñaría Informática
Descriptors Cycle Period Year Type Credits
Graduate 2nd four-month period
First Basic training 6
Department Ciencias da Computación e Tecnoloxías da Información
Alonso Pardo, Miguel angel
Alonso Pardo, Miguel angel
Barreira Rodriguez, Noelia
Bolón Canedo, Verónica
Cabrero Canosa, Mariano Javier
De Moura Ramos, Jose Joaquim
Gómez Rodríguez, Carlos
Guijarro Berdiñas, Berta M.
Hernandez Pereira, Elena Maria
Monroy Camafreita, Juan
Paz López, Alejandro
Pérez Sánchez, Beatriz
Sanchez Maroño, Noelia
Vilares Ferro, Jesus
General description The subject belongs to the block of courses of Languages and Programming of the degree's Fundamental Training Module. It has a strong relationship with the subjects of Databases, Algorithms and Software Design. It is also related to mathematical subjects, especially Discrete Mathematics. Regarding professional profile, many areas of computing require the ability to work with data structures that are studied in this subject.
(*)The teaching guide is the document in which the URV publishes the information about all its courses. It is a public document and cannot be modified. Only in exceptional cases can it be revised by the competent agent or duly revised so that it is in line with current legislation.
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