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Grao en Tecnoloxías Mariñas
  Heat transfer and steam generators
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Identifying Data 2022/23
Subject (*) Heat transfer and steam generators Code 631G02353
Study programme
Grao en Tecnoloxías Mariñas
Descriptors Cycle Period Year Type Credits
Graduate 1st four-month period
Third Optional 6
Teaching method Face-to-face
Department Ciencias da Navegación e Enxeñaría Mariña
Baaliña Insua, Alvaro
Baaliña Insua, Alvaro
Garcia-Bustelo Garcia, Enrique Juan
Web http://https://estudos.udc.es/es/subject/631G02V02/631G02353
General description In this course concepts needed for the understanding of most of processes taking place in a steam generator, both on board ships and ground installations are developed. The processes description and critical analysis enables the student the knowledge of design details, operation and maintenance of this kind of equipment, as well as its influence on the operation of other facilities which are often linked, as propulsion, power generation or heating systems. Without knowledge of the concepts developed in this course is difficult understanding of other subjects in the curriculum, including steam and gas turbines, auxiliary systems of the ship and engine room simulator. To apply this subject is desirable to have prior knowledge of physics and mathematics.
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