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Mestrado Universitario en Bioloxía Molecular , Celular e Xenética
  Cell Signaling
   Study programme competencies
Code Study programme competences
A1 Skills of using usual techniques and instruments in the cellular, biological and molecular research: that are able to use techniques and instruments as well as understanding potentials of their uses and applications.
A2 Skills of working in a sure way in the laboratories knowing operation handbooks and actions to avoid incidents of risk.
A4 Skills to apply molecular techniques to the study of the plant cell physiology, its response to external triggers and their biotechnological applications.
A6 Skills of understanding the functioning of cells through the structural organization, biochemistry, gene expression and genetic variability.
A7 Skills of knowing and analyzing specific cellular systems as stem cells, nerve cells, cells of the immune system, or other cells related to several pathologies.
A13 Skills to become a professional in health, pharmacy, veterinary, animal production, biotechnology or food sectors.
B1 Analysis skills to understand biological problems in connection with the Molecular and Cellular Biology and Genetics.
B2 Skills of decision making for the problem solving: that are able to apply theoretical knowledges and practical acquired in the formulation of biological problems and the looking for solutions.
B3 Skills of management of the information: that are able to gather and to understand relevant information and results, obtaining conclusions and to prepare reasoned reports on scientific and biotechnological questions
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