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Mestrado Universitario en Bioloxía Molecular , Celular e Xenética
Topic Sub-topic
1) Neuron Doctrine: historical introduction to modern neurobiology
Reticular Theory
Golgi’s technique and Santiago Ramón y Cajal’s studies
Neuron Doctrine

2) Neuron organization and signalling
Basic structure of the neuron
Types of neurons
Electrical synapse
Chemical synapse
3) The changing brain Early development of the nervous system
Formation of neural circuits
Modification of neural circuits and synaptic plasticity

4) Anatomic organization of the nervous system Anatomy of the central nervous system
Anatomy of the peripheral nervous system
Basic notions on comparative neuroanatomy

5) Neural basis of sensory perception Somatic sensory system
Visual system
Chemosensory system
Auditory and vestibular system

6) Neural control of motor activity and its coordination General organization of the systems involved in motor control
7) Complex encephalic functions Learning and memory

8) Techniques for the study of the encephalon Transgenics.

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