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  General Chemistry 3
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Item 1. - Chemistry of organic functional groups. Introduction to organic compounds and structures. Classification, nomenclature and properties of organic compounds as functional groups. Reactivity and main types of organic reactions. Stereoisomerism.
Item 2. - The chemical equilibrium.
General condition of equilibrium. Equilibrium constant. Homogeneous and heterogeneous equilibria. Relationship between kinetics and chemical equilibrium. The reaction quotient. Factors affecting chemical equilibrium. Le Chatelier's Principle. Equilibrium and Gibbs free energy.
Item 3. - Acid-base balance. Acidity and basicity: definition of Arrhenius, Bronsted and Lewis. Autoionization of water. Concept of pH. Strength of acids and bases. Ionization constants. Polyprotic acids. Salt solutions: hydrolysis. Common ion effect. Buffer solutions. Acid-base indicators. Acid-base titration. Acid-base balance in nonaqueous medium. Pearson model.

Item 4. - Balancing complex formation.
General considerations. Types of ligands. Formation and dissociation constants. Acid-base reactions of complex ions. Kinetic aspects. Applications of Coordination Compounds.
Item 5. - Equilibrium solubility. Salt solubility and solubility product. Precipitation reactions and reaction quotient. Fractional precipitation. Factors influencing the solubility of the salts is the common ion effect, effect saline, pH and complexation. Solubility and qualitative analysis.
Tema 6.- Equilibrium oxidation-reduction. Electrochemistry. Basic concepts: redox reactions. Electrode potential and standard electrode potential. Equilibrium constants. Relationship between potential, Gibbs free energy and equilibrium constant. Variation of energy with concentration: Nernst equation. Mixed equilibria: influence of other equilibria. Electrochemical cells. Electrolysis.
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