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  Instrumental Analytical Chemistry 1
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1. Principles of instrumental analysis

Resolution of analytical problems. Figures of merit of the instrumental techniques. Calibration.
Characteristics and classification of the instrumental techniques. Basic components of the instruments. Signals and noise.

2. UV-VIS spectroscopy
Fundamentals. Instrumentation. Aplications. Derivative spectroscopy.

3. IR spectroscopy

IR absorption spectroscopy: fundamentals, instrumentation, practical aspects and applications. IR reflectance spectroscopy.

4. Molecular luminescence spectroscopy Fundamentals. Variables affecting fluorescence. Relation between concentration and fluorescence. Emission and excitation spectra. Aplications. Phosphorescence.

5. Mass spectrometry Fundamentals. Instrumentation. Aplications.
6. Atomic absorption spectrometry Fundamentals. Flame atomization, electrothermal atomization, vapour generation: Instrumentation. Aplications.

7. Atomic emisión spectrometry Fundamentals. Plasma sources. Instrumentation. Aplications. ICP-MS.

8. Atomic X Ray spectrometry Fundamentals. Fluorescence, absorption and difraction spectrometry. Analytical and operational considerations. Instrumentation. Sample preparation. Aplications.
Experimental work Experiment 1.- Evaluation of the presence of interferents and determination of binary mixtures by UV-VIS spectroscopy.
Experiment 2.- Identification of plastics by FT-IR spectroscopy.
Experiment 3.- Determination of PAH by molecular fluorescence spectroscopy.
Experiment 4.- Determination of Zn in water by flame atomic absorption spectrometry (FAAS). Study of interferences in the determination of Zn and Ca.
Experiment 5.- Determination of K in marine water by flame atomic emission spectrometyy (FAES).
Experiment 6.- Study of the experimental conditions in electrothermal atomic absorption spectrometry: optimization of the atomization program and use of modifiers.

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