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Grao en Química
  Instrumental Analytical Chemistry 1
Methodologies Description
Guest lecture / keynote speech Learning involve incorporating key concepts on each spectrochemical technique. This 20 Guest lectures will be held on the most important content of the program. For full use of these, it is recommended that students have previously read on their own fundamental aspects of these topics in the recommended texts
Seminar These seminars will constitute 7 sessions in small group in which the teacher and students solve numerical problems. The work of students in these seminars is assessed by solving problems on the day of the objective test.
Laboratory practice Learning the contents of the course involves 6 sessions of labs in which students will practice the theoretical concepts acquired, manipulate analytical tools and solve problems. The teacher will advise these activities.
Multiple-choice questions Farase un examen final para evaluar o grado de aprendizaxe o longo do cuatrimestre. A data do mesmo está indicada no calendario de exámenes do grao
Workshop The contents explained will be consolidated performing several self-assessment questionnaires.
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