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Grao en Química
  Physical Chemistry 1
Methodologies Description
Guest lecture / keynote speech Oral presentation, complemented by the use of audiovisual material and the interaction with the students, to introduce the basic contents of the subject to transmit knowledge and facilitate learning.
Seminar Activity to be developed in small groups.
In-depth study of the contents introduced in the keynote lectures.
Questions and problems related to the contents of the subject are discussed and/or are solved in group, with support and direct supervision of the lecturer.
The activity to be carried out before and during each session are indicated prior to a face-to-face session.
Laboratory practice Computer practices developed at the informatic labs.
Practical problems related to the contents of Quantum Chemistry are solved by using computer software commonly used in scientific calculations.
Students must solve and hand-in a questionnaire concerning the practical sessions.
Supervised projects Homework performed in groups aimed at helping students to work independently, under the guidance of the lecturer.
Activities related to the contents of the seminars are proposed. They must be solved in group and, subsequently, must be explained to the instructor in a face-to-face session.
This activity is open exclusively to students attending the seminars on a regular basis (80%).
Objective test Three tests to be held during the semester. The tests can combine multiple-choice questions and short answer questions.
- First test at the first weeks of the semester. The basic principles and the formulation of quantum theory are assessed.
- Second test at mid-semester. The applications of the basic principles of quantum theory to simple systems are assessed.
- Third test at the end of semester. The application of quantum chemistry to atoms and molecules is assessed.
The tests are solved and discussed in a subsequent session.
They will serve as feed-back to both students and instructors to assess the progress of the teaching-learning process.
Mixed objective/subjective test Final written exam to be held at the end of semester, and in second chance in July.
Knowledge, understanding, reasoning and critical thinking are assessed.
It will consist on a combination of different types of questions: multiple choice and/or short answer combined with problem solving.
It will be held on the dates approved by the Faculty Board.
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