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Grao en Química
  Intermediate Organic Chemistry
Topic Sub-topic
Theme 1. Carboxylic acid derivatives Clasification and general reactivity: addition-elimination. Esters. Amides. Acid halides and anhydrides. Nitriles.
Theme 2. Alpha Reactivity of Carboniyl Compounds Enols and enolates: tautomerism, acidity, regioselectivity of enolate formation. Reactivity: halogenation, alkylation, aldol condensation, the Mannich reaction, the Stork reaction, the Claisen reaction, the Dieckmann reaction, the Reformatsky reaction.
Theme 3. Bifunctional Compounds Diols and hydroxycarbonyl compounds. Dicarbonyl compounds. Alpha, beta-unsaturated carbonyl compounds.
Theme 4. Nitrogen Compuounds Nitrocompounds. Diazonium salts. Sandmeyer reaction.
Theme 5. Heterocyclic Compounds Reactions of heterocycles. Ring-closing reactions. Aromatic heterocycles with five- and six-members: pyrrol, furane, thiophene and pyridine. Benzoderivatives: indole, quinoline and isoquinoline.
Theme 6. Carbohydrates and Nucleic Acids Carbohydrates, clssification: monossacharides, oligosaccarhides and polisaccarhidess. Nucleosides and nucleotides. Polynucleotides and nucleic acids.
Theme 7. Amino Acids, Peptides and Proteins Amino Acids: structure, propieties, reactivity and synthesis. Peptides: structure and synthesis. Proteins: structure and classification.
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