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Grao en Química
  Intermediate Organic Chemistry
Methodologies Description
Introductory activities
In the initial session teachers will be presented and the course will be described. The most important in relation to the content, planning, methodologies, assessment methods and literature aspects are discussed.
Guest lecture / keynote speech
30 theoretical sessions are scheduled in one group, in which the teacher will develop the fundamental contents of the program through theoretical explanations, type resolution problems and practical examples. The scripts of the content and / or develop presentations will be available on the website of the matter (moodle) prior to the development of lessons. With the help of these materials and other resources (bibliographic, internet ...) students will prepare lessons prior to your delivery way. Student participation will be encouraged through the development of questions or e-mails directed to the teacher before, during or after the lesson.
Mixed objective/subjective test One final written examination is programmed final, which will objectively assess the degree of assimilation and the applicability of the contents of the subject by the student program. The objective test will include a single type of questions, which will be related to the structure, reactivity and synthesis of organic compounds, and that will determine whether the answers are correct.
Seminar It will be conducted in 12 interactive small group sessions in which students will actively participate in the analysis and resolution of the problems posed by the teacher. Questionnaires solving exercises will be available on the website of the matter (moodle) prior to the development of the classes. Students will work on the analysis and resolution of problems prior to the delivery of seminar sessions.
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