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  Advanced Organic Chemistry
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Chapter 1. Stereochemistry and conformational analysis Static and dynamic stereochemistry. Stereoselective and stereospecific chemical reactions (chemo-, regio- and stereoselective/specific reactions).
Conformational analysis: conformational effects on reactivity.
Chapter 2. Pericyclic reactions Introduction: characteristics of pericyclic reactions and theoretical approaches. Electrocyclic, Cycloaddition reactions and sigmatropic rearrangements.
Chapter 3. Free-Radical reactions Generation and stability of free radicals. Main free-radical reactions.
Chapter 4. Generation of carbon-carbon bond by enols and enolates. Alkylation, acylation and conjugate addition of enols and enolates
Chapter 5. Generation of carbon-carbon bond by organometallic compounds Organometallic reagents to make carbon-carbon bonds. Reactions involving transition metal complexes.
Chapter 6. Generation of carbon- heteroatom bonds Generation of carbon and oxygen, nitrogen, halide and sulfur bonds.
Chapter 7. Functional group interconversion reactions. Main Functional group interconversion reactions Functional group interconversions through reduction and oxidation reactions.
Chapter 8. Protective groups in organic synthesis The role of protective groups in organic synthesis. The concept of orthogonal sets. Hydroxyl, diols, aldehyde and ketone carbonyl, carboxylic acid and amine protecting groups.
Chapter 9. Retrosyntetic analysis. Synthetic analysis and planning. Retrosyntetic analysis methodology. Types of transformations: disconnections, connections, functional group interconversion, addition and removing functional groups. Economic issues in retrosyntetic analysis. Illustrative synthesis. s
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