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  Philosophy of Law
Methodologies Description
Guest lecture / keynote speech They will have an introductory character to the main topics of the course, or else of recapitulation. This methodology is related to competences A4, A6, A8 and A14.
Workbook The development of critical thinking and autonomous learning requires that the study be based on a direct reflection of the students from the reading of classic and contemporary texts, as well as normative texts -legislative and case law-, referring to part of the thematic contents of the subject. This activity is related to competences A4, A6, A10, B1, B3, B4 and C6.
Seminar The seminars will be held in small groups to analyse and discuss the issues relating to the theory of justice indicated in topic 7.
They require the active participation of the students, who will have to present and critically analyse the texts and issues that are the subject of each session.
They serve to develop argumentative, oral and written skills, and to develop systematic, creative and critical thinking.
This methodology is related to the competences A4, A5, A8, A10, B3, B6, C1, C4 and C6.
Speaking test This exam combines objective and essay/developmental examination. The contents of the lectures, including the readings related to the contents of the first 6 topics, will be evaluated by using this type of exam. This activity is related to competences B1, B3, C1 and C6.
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