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Grao en Inglés: Estudos Lingüísticos e Literarios
  Lingua Inglesa 4
Methodologies Description
Guest lecture / keynote speech (LARGE GROUPS): Classes consist of both theoretical and practical lessons with particular attention to grammar, use of English and reading comprehension.

Seminar (GROUPS A, B, C and D): Practical classes conceived to develop speaking, writing, reading and listening skills using a topic from the course contents or others that might be of general interest. Students will participate in these seminars every week, so that they are able to practice all skills uninterruptedly.
Supervised projects Various writing assignments.
Oral presentation This aims at allowing students to work collaboratiely and creatively to improve their own language proficiency (particularly their oral skills). It is not a mandatory assignment (as the other sections in the assesment are). For all these reasons, only under extreme and adequately justified reasons will individual projects be considered.
Workshop Oral activities in SMALL GROUPS, monitored by Teaching Assistants, in which students' speaking skills are put into practice. Informal, spontaneous, and natural conversations and debates are to be expected in these sessions.
Various writing tasks may also take place in these small groups.
Short answer questions Proba obxectiva dirixida a provocar o recordo dunha aprendizaxe presentada. Preséntase un enunciado en forma de pregunta para responder cunha frase específica, palabra, cifra ou símbolo.
Mixed objective/subjective test Written examination. It allows professors to assess knowledge and abilities developed by students during the semester. The objective test may include several types of questions: multiple choice, brief answers, association, gap-filling, and other activities and tests.
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