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Grao en Inglés: Estudos Lingüísticos e Literarios
  English Literature (16th and 17th Centuries)
Topic Sub-topic

1. Introduction: Society, culture, polítics and literature from the Middle Ages to the 17th,
1.1 Elizabethan and Jacobean periods
1.2. The Restoration
From the Renaissance to the Enlightenment. Historical data (economic facts, politics, religion, expansionism, the birth of the two parties, the fall of the Stuarts) and society. Individualism and mercantilism. The social contract.
2. The origins of the theatre Religious and pagan. System of production.
3. Theatre during Elizabeth I's and James I's reign.
3.1: Production: companies, actors, playhouses.
3.2. Before Shakespeare: Kyd and Marlowe
3.3. Shakespeare
3. 4. Ben Jonson
Compulsory readings:
3.3 Shakespeare. The Merchant of Venice
Twelfth Night.
3.4 Ben Jonson. Volpone
4. Caroline theatre
4. 1. Middleton y Dekker
4.2 Webster
Compulsory text:
4.2 John Webster. The Duchess of Malfi
5. The Restoration, 1660-1700
5.1 Scenography. Actresses
5.2 Dryden's Essay
5.3 Comedy
5.4 Wycherley
5.5. Congreve
Required readings:
5.4 William Wycherley. The Country Wife
5.5 William Congreve. The Way of the World
6. Basic aspects of poetry: Shakespeare, Donne, Dryden e Milton
7. Basic aspects of prose: Behn e Congreve. The origins of the English novel. Photocopies.
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