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Grao en Inglés: Estudos Lingüísticos e Literarios
  Postcolonial Literature
Methodologies Description
Seminar Students are expected to read the assigned material BEFORE sessions start. Students will be provided with a detailed calendar with the assigned readings at the beginning of the semester.
Guest lecture / keynote speech In these lectures (DE or ”docencia”), the teachers will refer to a) the socio-historical and cultural background of authors and readings; b) the theoretical concepts behind postcolonial studies; c) ways to read critically and make good use of postcolonial theories.
Directed discussion Students will be encouraged to discuss and express their opinions on a given topic, orally and in writing. Class discussions may complement lectures in the DE class, but they will be carried out mostly during the DI and TGR sessions.
Long answer / essay questions Students will write two essays (one half-way through the semester; the other one at the end) based on the novels discussed in the small groups.
Mixed objective/subjective test This type of test will assess the student's ability to understand and approach a literary text critically by asking questions about those texts analyzed throughout the course. In addition, students will have to prove that they have grasped the main postcolonial issues and theoretical concepts, and that they can apply them to literary texts.
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