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Grao en Inglés: Estudos Lingüísticos e Literarios
  Scientific and Technical English
Methodologies Competencies Description Qualification
Oral presentation A2 A6 B6 B7 Oral presentation of a topic included in this guide 10
Mixed objective/subjective test A16 B3 C6 With exercises practiced during the term to assess students' understanding and skills 50
Supervised projects B8 B9 C8 Supervised projects during the term. It will depend on the profile and interest of the students 40
Assessment comments

The result of the exam must be 4 out of 10 in order to be included in the assessment.
In the exam opportunity of July, the students will do a Project(4-6 pages and 50% of the grade) and the exam (50% of the final grade).Those students who have satisfactorily presented projects and other available activities during the term, will not present further projects in July and will only take the exam.Students not present in the exams in the first or second opportunity, will appear as ´absent from assessment´if they have not done 50% of the assessable activities.
Following the academic regulations, students who fail the first opportunity and do not show up at the second opportunity in July, will appear as ´fail´

Those who are officially registered as part time students and have been granted permission not to attend clases, as stipulated in the regulations of this University, will be assessed in either opportunity according to the criteria specified as the second opportunity (July).

Students sitting the December exam (final exam brought forward) will be assessedaccording to the criteria specified for the July opportunity.

Essays may be tested through Turnitin in order to detect wrong citations, plagiarism or any other type of fraud. Should this occur, the rules for plagiarism will be applied. (Normas de avaliación, revisión e reclamación das cualificacións dos estudos de grao e mestrado universitario). Turnitin recognises papers previously turned in by other people (or the student him/herself) at this university or other universities, as well as other material found on Internet.

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