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Grao en Inglés: Estudos Lingüísticos e Literarios
  History of the English Language
Methodologies Description
Introductory activities Students will have to revisa some materials on Moodle and answer some questions as part of a warm-up activity
Guest lecture / keynote speech The teacher will explain those issues students must know in order to attain the competences specific for this subject. Llikewise, there will be some interaction in order to check whether students have obtained the abilities and knowledge they should on their own.
Workbook Students must do some readings the teacher will upload to Moodle or some others they must find themselves in the library/on the Internet as part of their self-learning process
Collaborative learning Students will have to work in groups to find sources and be prepared for the activities to be held in seminars and interactive sessions.
ICT practicals Students will make some on-line (Moodle) and off-line activities
Objective test Sstudents will sit for an exam which will consist of several types of questions (short, long, development of a particular topic) and maybe the linguistic analysis of a text fragment
Seminar We will work on case studies and real texts in order to detect and apply all the phenomena and aspects dealt with in lectures
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