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Mestrado Universitario en Computación de Altas Prestacións / High Performance Computing (Mod. Presencial)
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Code Study programme competences
A8 CE8 - Be able to apply the acquired knowledge, capabilities and aptitudes to the profesional environment, planning, managing and evaluating project in the high performance computing field
B1 CB6 - Possess and understand the knowledge that give a baseline or opportunity to be original in the development and/or application of ideas, often in a research environment
B2 CB7 - The students have to know how to apply the acquired knowledge and their capacity to solve problems in new or hardly explored environment inside wider contexts (or multidiscipinary) related to its area of development
B3 CB8 - The students have to be able to integrate knowledge and face the complexity to make judgments from information, despite being partial and limited, includes reflexions about the social and ethical responsabilities linked to the application of their judgements and knowledge
B4 CB9 - The students have to be able to communicate their conclusions, their knowledge and the reasons that hold them to specialized and non specialized audience in a clear and unambiguous manner
B5 CB10 - The students have to possess learning skills that allows them to continue to study in a mainly self-driven or autonomous manner
B6 CG1 - Be able to search and select useful information to solve complex problems, using the bibliographic sources of the field
B8 CG3 - Be able to maintain and extend properly funded theoretical hypothesis to allow the introduction and exploitation of novel and advanced technologies in the field
B9 CG4 - Be able to plan and do research, development and innovation tasks in high performance computing related environments
B10 CG5 - Be able to work in teams, specially multidisciplinary, and do a proper time and people management and decision taking
C1 CT1 - Use the basic technologies of the information and computing technology field required for the professional development and the long-life learning
C2 CT2 - Estimulate the capacity to work in transdisciplinary and interdisciplinary teams to offer proposals that contribute to the contribute to the economical, social and political sustainable development
C3 CT3 - Be able to manage time and resources: develop plannings, priorize activities, identify criticism, establish and meet deadlines
C4 CT4 - Value the importance of research, innovation and the technological development in the socioeconomical and cultural advance of the society
C5 CT5 - Understand the importance of the enterpeneurship culture and know the resources available for entrepeneurs
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