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  Administración de Sistemas Operativos
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Introduction to System Administration The role of the System Administrator
Users and groups
Files, processes and devices
Becoming superuser
Basic UNIX administration commands
Different UNIXes
Installing and booting the O.S Selecting and booting the installation media
The boot process
Basic disk partitioning
Sharing disks between O.S.s
Swap area
Boot loaders
Managing users and groups Managing user accounts
Users and groups databases
Administrative tools for managing users
Managing groups
User autentification with PAM
Basic network administration Basic network configuration
Network interface aliasing
Manipulating routes
inetd configuration: tcpwrappers
Processes, aplications and software packages Managing and monitoring proceses
Tracing system calls
Process privileges and priorities
The /proc filesystem and the proc utilities
Starting and stopping processes. signals
Concept of software packages. Packages and ports
Managing software packages
Automating administrative tasks Need for automating repetitive system administration tasks
Using shell scripts to automate administrative tasks
Monitoring system: logs
Schedulling the execution of tasks. the cron and at utilities
Starting and stopping system services.
Configuring startup services. Initialization files and boot scripts
Devices, disks and filesystems Disk and filesystems concepts. Devices and device files
Adding support for devices. Kernel modules
Managing disks. Partitioning schemes
Creating and accesing filesystems
Managing Volumes
Usage and implementation of disk quotas
Encrypting filesystemas
Introduction to ZFS
Managing packet filtering software Need for packet filtering. Different approaches
solaris ipf basics
*BSD pf basics
linux iptables basics
Packet filtering and NAT
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