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Grao en Creación Dixital, Animación e Videoxogos
  Environment Drawing and Concept Art
Methodologies Description
Guest lecture / keynote speech This first methodology develops the knowledge bases of the subject that are specified in the contents. In these classes, students must have a receptive aptitude following the explanations of the teacher on the blackboard, on-screen projections and computer systems (ICT). The student will take notes and ask questions about the topics discussed. The objective is to provide the concepts and tools necessary for its understanding from a perspective in which the environment and the scene is always present.
Workshop It is in this second methodology that the student participates actively in the learning process, facing the need to experience all the knowledge presented in the conferences, which must be adapted. Two types of exercises are formulated that the student must develop individually or in a group:

1.- Weekly rendering practice with a duration of two hours and that will be collected at the end of the class for evaluation.

2.- Course practice in which a work will be done in a scenographic environment to be specified. Each week and in a variable space of two to four hours, the student will work and correct the progress of this tutorial work that will also be developed without contact in the hours assigned in the planning of the subject.
Case study As complementary practices, the students will work on the most outstanding contemporary cases in the world of the performing arts.
Objective test At the end of the program, an objective test will be carried out on the dates marked by the school and compatible with the schedules of the established course. This test will be extendable to contact hours.
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