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Grao en Creación Dixital, Animación e Videoxogos
  Environment Drawing and Concept Art
Methodologies Competencies Description Qualification
Workshop A8 B4 B7 B8 B9 B10 B11 B12 B13 C1 C3 C4 C7 The teacher will propose certain practical exercises, which the student will have to solve in the classroom and finish at home.
The pursuit of the cognitive progression of the student is pursued over all the development of the vision space, with incidence in the scenographic atmosphere. The presented work is evaluated as well as the progression, evolution and the interaction with the group.
Case study A6 A7 A8 B1 C6 C8 C9 The study of cases will be evaluated following the criterion of adaptation of the same to the approaches of analysis, reflection and presentation. 20
Student portfolio A6 A7 A8 The evolution of the student, the level of the results, the composition of sheets and the adjustment to the delivery standards required in the call will be assessed. 20
Assessment comments

Students who do not attend the sessions must also take a tutoring of the works in order to be able to deliver the portfolio on second call. The reason is to demonstrate the veracity of the author of the graphic-artistic works.

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