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Grao en Creación Dixital, Animación e Videoxogos
  Environment Drawing and Concept Art
   Sources of information
Basic James Gurney (2009). Imaginative realism : how to paint what doesn't exist. Kansas City: Andrews McMeel Publishing
Marisa Lewis (editora) (2016). BEYOND ART FUNDAMENTALS: A guide to emotion, mood and storytellig for artists. 3dtotal Publishing - ISBN 9781909414365
3dtotalPublishing (2017). The ultimate concept art career guide.. 3dtotal Publishing - ISB 9781909414518
Lino Cabezas y VVAA (2007). La representación de la representación. Cátedra - ISBN 978-84-376--2425-9
Tony Davis (2001). ESCENÓGRAFOS. Artes escénicas. Oceano - ISBN 84 494 2075 X
Tia Kratter (2017). The color of Pixar. San Francisco: Chronicle Books

Complementary Eliott Lilly (2017). The big bad world of concept art for video games : how to start your career as a concept artist. California: Design Studio Press

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