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Mestrado Universitario en Rehabilitación Arquitectónica (Plan 2016)
   Rehabilitation Tecniques for Buildings
Methodologies Description
Guest lecture / keynote speech Exhibition in the classroom of the corresponding agenda item. At the beginning of the session the index and summary of the topic will be displayed. The explanation with the required images and diagrams and convenient summary tables will be supported. At the end of the session a summary highlighting the most important aspects will be made and the relevant complementary readings will be recommended.
Supervised projects "Supervised proyects": elaboration by the student of a working professional or research." Methodology designed to promote autonomous learning of students, under the tutelage of Professor, in various scenarios (academic and professional). Primarily refers to the learning of the "how to do things". It is a choice based on the assumption by the students of the responsibility for their own learning and in the monitoring of the learning by the tutor. Protected work will focus on direct content of the matter or that are related in the opinion of Professor. Work may arise as unique and independent work or, preferably, may form part of the end of Master work, as it is the case with the rest of the materials of the construction Area."

During the course there will be a practical work consisting of constructive development - memory, plans and technical specifications - from the renovation of an existing building. Work will be raised at the beginning of the course and it will be the proposed buildings to serve as exercise to other subjects of the Master. Also more theoretical work topics of the type will be proposed: assessment and comparative study of materials and systems for architectural rehabilitation.
Workbook Los estudiantes leer libros, artículos científicos y técnicos y documentación que demuestre los profesores.
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