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Mestrado Universitario en Enxeñaría da Auga (plan 2012)
  Master Dissertation
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The students should write a final master work as an obligatory requirement to obtain the tittle of Master in Water Engineering.
In order to do so, the coordinator of the host university will appoint a tutor being an expert on the subjects that students might choose as the object of their dissertations. The purpose of the dissertation is a research/practical work in any field related to Water Engineering. The dissertation can be developed at the Universities of A Coruña, Magdeburg or other universities with which they have bilateral agreements. Upon completion of the work, the tutor will receive a report which will be assessed by a examination board with three members, to be established at the host university.
There will be a normalized format for all the students that will be ajusted to this. The students will have to give a copy to each memeber of the tribunal at least, one week before the presentation.
The language in wich it is written and presented will be in english
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