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Grao en Tecnoloxía da Enxeñaría Civil
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Methodologies Description
Guest lecture / keynote speech New mathematic concepts will be developed from examples familiar for the students, or explaining the questions are wished to be solved with them; from this their common caracthers will be abstracted causing its more accuracy deffinition. The theory which allows to solve the questions described at the beginning will be developed after.

Students participation is desirable, sharing their doubts or comments as the class progresses.
Seminar Simultaneously to the theoretical development of the matter collections of exercics are given.

The goal is allowing students to practise the knowledge adquierd at theorical classes.

At seminars the most important problems will be discussed.
Mixed objective/subjective test Exam where concepts are methods of the subjets are evaluated.
Problem solving Each student must solve individually some of the proposed problems.
Workbook Before the beginning of each item, some notes about the contents are avaiable for the students. The notes are intended as a complement of teacher's explanations.

A previous reading of students familiarize them with an outline of what they will study.

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