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Grao en Arquitectura Técnica
  Technical Projects II
Methodologies / tests Competencies Ordinary class hours Student’s personal work hours Total hours
Guest lecture / keynote speech A29 A31 B1 B13 B16 B23 C1 C4 C7 25 25 50
Workshop A15 A27 A29 A31 B1 B2 B7 B13 B16 B19 B23 C1 C4 C6 25 25 50
Supervised projects A15 A27 A31 B1 B2 B13 B15 B16 B19 B24 C1 C3 C6 C9 0 30 30
Student portfolio A15 B2 B7 B15 B19 B23 C1 C4 C7 C8 2 6 8
Document analysis A27 B1 B2 B7 B13 B16 B23 C2 C3 C4 C5 C6 0 10 10
Personalized attention 2 0 2
(*)The information in the planning table is for guidance only and does not take into account the heterogeneity of the students.
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