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Grao en Xestión Industrial da Moda
  Principles of Economics: Fashion Industry
Methodologies Description
Guest lecture / keynote speech The professor will explain each of the topics of the program, insisting on the fundamental concepts and their interrelations.
Class attendance is considered mandatory, although no attendance list will be passed.
Supervised projects Students will solve issues and problems related to each of the chapters of the syllabus.
The professor will explain in advance the methodology to be followed and the bibliographic orientation.
Collaborative learning Set of guided teaching-learning procedures, face-to-face and / or supported with information and communication technologies, which are based on the organization of the class in small groups in which students work together in the resolution of assigned tasks by the professor to optimize their own learning and that of the other members of the group.
Aprendizaxe servizo Methodology that combines the service to the community with learning in a single project, in which students are trained working on real needs of their environment in order to improve it. The project on this subject is entitled: "Economy with science and conscience: promoting sustainable development" for groups at risk of social exclusion.
Mixed objective/subjective test The final exam of this subject is written. The exam will preferably consist of multiple-choice tests, although it may also consist of short questions and / or essay questions.
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