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  Global Trends in Fashion: Digital Transformation and Sustainability
Topic Sub-topic
Globalization and complexity in the fashion value chain Definition of fashion value chain
Globalization of production and consumption of fashion
Complexity: outsourcing and offshoring
Social and environmental sustainability: responsible consumption and corporate social responsibility (CSR) Key concepts
Sustainable business models in fashion
Responsible consumption
Compliance: regulation and self-regulation in the fashion industry Definition and origins of compliance
Hard law vs soft law in the fashion industry
International alliances, norms and standards
Traceability of the fashion supply chain Traceability and transparency in supply chains
Tols and mechanisms for traceability for sustainability
Customer experience Definition of customer experience
Rethinking the customer experience in fashion: omnichannel and new customer journey
Digital transformation of brick and mortar stores The new role of physical stores in the omnichannel paradigm
Digital application in physical stores
Collaborative and circular economy Key concepts
Practical applications of collaborative economy in fashion
Practical applications of circular economy in fashion
Digital disruption, artificial intelligence and automation Key concepts
New challenges for fashion businesses
New paradigms and stakeholders
Customization Definition, origins and evolution
From "just in case" to "just in time": the big transformation of production and consumption
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