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Methodologies Description
Collaborative learning The time of virtual tutoring has not been counted, which remains open depending on the demand. The time of personalized attention to the individual or group demand will be counted.
Guest lecture / keynote speech Oral presentation complemented by the use of audiovisual media and the introduction of some questions aimed at students, in order to transmit knowledge and facilitate learning.
The master class is also known as "lecture", "expository method" or "master class". This last modality is usually reserved for a special type of lesson given by a teacher on special occasions, with content that involves original elaboration and based on the almost exclusive use of the word as a way of transmitting information to the audience.
The master session can be done in person without a microsoft team, without compulsory student attendance.
ICT practicals Methodology that allows students to learn effectively, through practical activities (demonstrations, simulations, etc.) the theory of a field of knowledge, through the use of information and communication technologies. ICTs are an excellent support and channel for the treatment of information and practical application of knowledge, facilitating learning and development of skills by students.
This activity will be carried out in person in groups of 20 students whenever possible
Supervised projects Methodology designed to promote the autonomous learning of students, under the tutelage of the teacher and in varied settings (academic and professional). It is primarily concerned with learning "how to do things." It is an option based on the assumption by students of responsibility for their own learning.
This teaching system is based on two basic elements: the independent learning of the students and the monitoring of that learning by the teacher-tutor.
This activity will be carried out in person in groups of 20 students whenever possible
Objective test Exam type In-person test between 50-100 questions with 4 or 5 answers. Only one true. The global score will compute 60% of the total and for every two failed questions a correct one is canceled.
The test can be carried out by online methodological type test or oral if we can do it in person
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