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  Clinical Nursing I
Methodologies Description
Guest lecture / keynote speech Oral exhibition supplemented with the use of audiovisual means and the introduction of any questions directed to the students, with the aim to transmit knowledges and facilitate the learning.
The kind magistral is also known how "conference", "expositive method" or "Masterclass". This last modality sound to reserve it a special type of lesson imparted by a professor in special occasions, with a contained that supposes an original manufacture and based in the almost exclusive use of the word how road of transmission of the information to the audience.
Case study Methodology, by means of the Collaborative Work , where the subject confronts in front of the description of a specific situation that rises a problem that has to be comprised, valued and resolved by a group of people, through one process of discussion. The student situates in front of a concrete problem (case), that describes him a real situation of the professional life, and owes to be able to analyze a series of facts, referents it a particular field of the knowledge or of the action, to arrive the a decision reasoned through one process of discussion in small groups of work.
- The groups estaran compounds of 5 to 7 students.
- The realizacion of this activity and mandatory and computes a 20%.
Supervised projects Methodology, by means of the Collaborative Work, designed to promote the autonomous learning of the students, low the guardianship of the professor and in escenario varied (academics and professionals). It is referred prioritariamente to the learning of the "Like doing the things". It constitutes an option based in the asunción put students of the responsibility by the his propio learning.
This system of teaching bases in two basic elements: the independent learning of the students and the tracking of this learning put professor-titor.
- The works will be in group.
- The groups will be composed by 5 to 7 students.
- The realisation sera compulsory and computes 20%
Objective test Proof that integrates questions type open objective proofs of brief half answer.
The avaliacion of this proof computes a 60%.
Workbook They are a group of texts and documentation writing that collected and edited how source of deepening in the contained worked.
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