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Environmental Engineering/770G01014

Other comments

Recommendations Sustainability Environment, Person and Gender Equality:

1. The delivery of the works (supervised work) that are carried out in this matter will be done in the following way:
1.1. It will be delivered in virtual format and / or computer support

1.2. In the case of having to print something on paper, it will be made on recycled and double-sided paper. Drafts will not be printed, only the final version.

2. It must make a sustainable use of resources and the prevention of negative impacts on the natural environment. It will be encouraged that the materials that are discarded in the matter (papers, plastics) are thrown in the respective containers enabled in the streets for such purpose.

3. It will try to convey to students the importance of ethical principles related to the values ??of sustainability so that they apply not only in the classroom, but in personal and professional behaviors.

4. The gender perspective must be incorporated in this subject, so the works delivered by the students and the material prepared by the teacher must use non-sexist language.

5. It will facilitate the full integration of students who for physical, sensory, psychic or sociocultural reasons, experience difficulties to an adequate, equal and profitable access to university life.

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