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Methodologies Competencies Description Qualification
Workshop A5 B5 B11 Realization of a personal work, together with the evaluation of other work of colleagues. 30
Mixed objective/subjective test B1 B4 B5 Exam type objective test 45
Laboratory practice A4 B10 C3 Some tasks established in the subject, within the framework of this methodology 25
Assessment comments

As part of the "Laboratory practice" may include aspects such as attendance, attitude, etc., to help obtain the approved. In addition, it may also include in this methodology the assessment of the presentation in class of personal work.

The "Mixed Test" can be divided into a multiple choice part and a few questions.

It will be necessary to exceed 50% of the score in the  multiple choice of the "Mixed Test" to pass.

Students with recognition of part-time dedication and academic waiver of attendance exemption, second establishes the "NORMA QUE REGULA O RÉXIME DE DEDICACIÓN AO ESTUDO DOS ESTUDANTES DE GRAO NA UDC (Arts. 2.3; 3.b e 4.5) (29/5/212)", will be evaluated in the same way, allowing one more week of margin in the assignments.

For the second opportunity, there will be no second deadline for assignments, and the evaluation will be done in a similar way to the first opportunity.

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