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Mestrado Universitario en Bioloxía Molecular , Celular e Xenética
Methodologies Description
Laboratory practice - The student must realize 10 hours of practical class in the laboratory, compulsory and presentials, after the theoretical classes have finished. In the lab, they will develop different activities of experimental character (demonstrations, problems) that will allow to approach some aspects of the theoretical knowledge acquired in the magistral sesions. Besides, they will adquire the handle skills adapted for the development of simple experimental metho-dologies, own of the immnunological techniques. The practices class will be realized in the INIBIC, where they will have the suitable infrastructura to the aims of the practice, and also will take place the practical examination.
Objective test
- The student will realise a final examination on the theoretical contents of the subjet that can combine different types of questions: type test questions of multiple answer, short questions, of ordination, to complete, of association. Also is possible to construct it with one only type of these questions. The date and place of celebration of the final examination (Official Announcement of May) will warn with antelación. If the student suspended, or did not appear to the examination in May, he will have the possibility to present in the test of the month of July, whose date and place of celebracion will warn previously
Guest lecture / keynote speech - During the course the teacher will give between 14-15 master class sesions, attend them and compulsory, on some of the corresponding contents to the program. In them will be explained the basic theoretical foundations of the subjet employing computer tools. For a better improvement, recommends that the student have read in advance the fundamental aspects of the topics mentioned in the recommended texts and also in the Moodle platform. The calendar and final schedule of the keynote sesions will communicate in advance in the web page of the subjet.
Seminar -At the beginning of the course the teacher will suggest the accomplishment of a supervised study to the student in small groups (2 at most people) on some aspects of a topic of the theoretical immunology program. The student shall organize, prepare and discuss, along the course, under the teacher guide (3 tutorships max). The student will receive in advance the material object of the seminar, which will target towards current aspects of inmunology, in order to seek the needed information. The teacher will effect a pooling in common, in which they will discuss and resolve issues related to their contents and the conclusions they should reach all members of the group.The result of the study will be exposed by the authors to the rest gives class, during 1 hour, using computer tools.
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