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Mestrado Universitario en Bioloxía Molecular , Celular e Xenética

Subjects that it is recommended to have taken before
Cellular Techniques/610441001
Molecular Techniques/610441002
Cell Signaling/610441004
Genetic Variation Mechanisms/610441005

Subjects that are recommended to be taken simultaneously
Molecular Microbiology /610441010
Human Genetics/610441016

Subjects that continue the syllabus
Stem Cells and Cell Therapy/610441009

Other comments
<p>We recommend: <br />- Attendance and active participation in the various activities of the discipline. <br />- Read or work the subjet of the lessons in the masterclass /work lessons in advance and take appropriate notes during his presentation. <br />- The study and the periodic review of the matter, according to advance materials, using the bibliographic material to understand and examine the information received in class. <br />- The search of information in diverse sourcesfor the preparation, presentation and defense of the supervised works. <br />- The clarification of possible doubts in the tutorships with the teacher</p><p><strong><u>PENDIENTE DE INCLUIR POR LOS SERVICIOS DE XESCAMPUS LOS SIGUIENTES PROFESORES<br />DEL INIBIC</u>:   </strong>Dra. Nieves Domenech García (<a href="mailto:NDomGar@canalejo.org">NDomGar@canalejo.org</a>)</p>
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