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Grao en Química
  Organic Chemistry 1
Methodologies Description
Guest lecture / keynote speech The teacher will present the fundamental contents of each unit. The slides will be available in Moodle before the class. With the help of these materials and other bibliographic resources, students must prepare the lessons before the lectures. The participation of the students will be encouraged during the lectures (or before/after the class by e-mail).
Seminar Sessions dedicated to solving problems and questions with an active participation of the student. Problems to be solved will be available on Moodle before the seminars. Students must work on the problems before the seminars.
Workshop The workshops are work sessions organized in small groups. The teacher will assign the students the preparation of some problems, which may require the integration of contents from different units. Students must prepare and hand in solutions for the assigned problems before the workshops through Moodle. During the workshop sessions the students will present the problems and answer the questions that arise.
ICT practicals Two practicals will be carried out, oriented to the use of computer tools for: (1) the analysis and resolution of stereochemistry problems and (2) the structural determination of organic compounds based on the analysis of 1H NMR spectra. Students must prepare and hand in (through Moodle) a report of each one of the practicals.
Mixed objective/subjective test In order to evaluate the knowledge and the ability to apply the subject contents by the student, a mixed test is scheduled. The test will include questions and problems analogous to those solved in the seminar and workshop sessions during the course, related to nomenclature, structure, structural determination, reactivity and synthesis of organic compounds.
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